BREATHE: The Dusty Elk Lung EP Part One

by Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions



released March 10, 2011



all rights reserved


Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions Miami, Florida

Formed in Miami in 2009, Telekinetic Walrus presents listeners with a world of Funky, Psychedelic, Hip Hop infused Bass Music. Telekinetic Walrus focuses daily on spreading their music and positive vibes to a worldwide audience, while continuing to produce live performances and events, that unify people through community-building collaborations and active peace. ... more

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Track Name: Telekinesis
Telekinesis, telekinetic, telekinetically, telekinetic.
It’s so smooth,
It feels so right.
I’m gonna make you move, make you move,
Gonna make you sweat tonight.
Into space, I’m on a mission.
The future came to me in a vision.
All the things we can do, but first…
How are you?
Telekinesis, telekinetic, telekinetically, telekinetic.
Track Name: Full of Tar
Go anywhere I don’t care,
You can spare me the details.
You have failed time and again,
To win my affection now,
Nobody can help you except yourself,
So surprised you seem nailed,
Unveiled exposed for what you are,
Your heart is filled with tar.
Working harder,
Working smarter,
The path is clear,
As a glass of water,
Spitting that Harry Potter,
Back to midtown,
Catch the MARTA,
Book of rhymes,
I’m the author,
Control freak,
Make your hearts leak,
Sometimes it’s hard to speak,
Sometimes I need to,
Stop and breathe.
It’s time for a upgrade, update.
Turn up the bass.
Switch up the pace.
Go to the mirror.
And look that lady in the face.
And tell her she’s hot she’s great.
Head full of air,
Heart full of tar,
They just wanna see,
How lucky you are.
Head full of air,
Heart full of tar,
Believe this aint,
Just a walk in the park.
You gotta take a step back for the people who say,
“You got a heart full of tar,” don’t keep it that way.
You gotta bounce, bounce, bounce, when the music plays,
And you keep your speakers bumpin til the end of your days
Track Name: Closer Now
I don’t think about the times that no one helped me up.
And I don’t think about the times that no one helped me to my feet.
Do your thing and don’t you, well don’t you ever stop.
Love yourself, create yourself, enjoy yourself and then dance to the beat.
Enjoy the moment cause it’s alright.
Instead of sitting round sorry and sad,
I grab this mic and I make you bad.
Nothing in life’s too iron clad,
So, loosen up launch of the pad.
If just a tad, pole to see,
How would you like the future to be?
Let’s plant a tree cause currently,
I need to breathe do you agree?
No boundaries, the roots rip through,
Strengthening the power of me and you.
We are stronger than bamboo,
We will subdue with our kung-fu.
You have no clue,
You have no hint,
Try to get it straight,
But your ruler’s bent.
Couldn’t catch up,
Even if you sprint.
I’m so far gone that,
You have to squint.
We’re living in, you’re living in,
We’re living in, you’re living in,
We’re living in, you’re living in,
The moment.
So love yourself,
Create yourself,
Enjoy your life cause,
It’s the only one left.
Track Name: Lazer Beams
Feeling like a spider every time I make a web,
Some get caught in it, then you know what’s next,
But not really though, I’m silly though,
Only you can make me glow brighter than a light bulb.
If I get too hot then I might explode,
I wont tell you the rest, cause you don’t need to know.
So, stay out my business, cause I’m bout to grow,
Sunflowers in your neighborhood make it pretty, make it good.
Take it slow, read a book,
Spit a rhyme, a hook.
Look over there, I made you look.
Look over there, I made you look.
We can continue to bump,
Before, during, after,
Have to stand up straight,
Cause when it gets late,
You still tend to bend and vibrate,
Great I’m in my native state,
Only breathing seeming that I am,
Only what I think, do, feel and create.
You need to jiggle your rump,
Up, down, around, bound to sound,
Like we’re bombing your town,
Cause booms begin when the beat resounds,
And pounds and sound waves,
Wiggle you ears, left and right and,
Every single night and,
Even all the rest of your years.
Let’s get on laser beams and make the whole world scream.
When you drop that beat, drop it fast, make it cream.
We can continue to bump,
You need to jiggle your rump,
So everybody, everybody,
Say, “Hey”.
We will continue to bump,
You will jiggle your rump,
So everybody, everybody,
Say, “Hey”.
Get low, too and fro,
Let’s go, let it show.
Let ‘em know, when you glow,
Gimme mo, feel the flow.