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My People

by Telekinetic Walrus

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spencerreeve Thsi band is just so weird, but has an amazing knack to create catchy songs. Truly, uninque. Favorite track: Mantra.
Jahso The Time-Zoo Keeper: The Flying Squirrel, after their encounter with Dalakur, knew that the team would now need to seek the assistance of a special individual. And so he initiated teleportation sequence for the outskirts of Piaria, one of the two moons of planet KomaChron 42. Their goal was to reunite with their ally, Komakozie, a warrior monk with unknown wisdom and ability bestowed upon him by Piaria, his Moon mother. He was birthed in the hills of Piaria, from the highest mountain, Chraz. Komakozie grew up meditating and practicing his inherent art-form within the vast meadows of Emperor Moon Crop, which is the most coveted Medicinal Smoking Herb in the Universe. He was born a master of sonic energy, cosmic mirrors, and matter-bending mantras. The team entered Piaria's atmosphere, when suddenly a mass of rapidly swarming iridescent lights began to engulf their spaceship in an impenetrable wall - a quickly changing rainbow light spectrum. Emperor Moon Bugs! The beaten wind from their massive wings made an immense vibration that rumbled the very hull of the ship, as they were guided to the ground safely. The heroes stepped out of their spacecraft, led by The Flying Squirrel, and observed Komakozie levitating above a field of Emperor Moon Crop; he foresaw their arrival through meditation and was prepared for battle. The Emperor Moon Bugs of Piara, an extension of Komakozie, swarmed around him, as he stepped into the Flying Squirrel's spaceship and they blasted off for battle!
My People 02:49
- Komakozie - Back to the basics my mind is chasing, Time is racing looking for the kind of place, Full of serenity, where I come forth with energy, A force that'll leave you lost in memories. The Elders tell you that life gets trife and, Pain's the only way that you might get sharp and, Tight just like a playboy's hair cut, You wanna change your ways you better stand up. Man up, or land rough when you're trying to rise and, Look into the kind of eyes that's kind of wise and, Realise that you're here for a reason, You wanna wait for the change of the season. ~ (Chorus) The beats are for my people (Yup), My people. These are for my people (Now), For my people. ~ They don't know. (Cont.) But soon they shall, They will. ~ - Komakozie - I'm from where the sun rises, Busting out attacks on dudes backs without no surprises. Analyzing the fact I'm out with this new Shhh! People on their death bed wondering how I do it. I just get a pen. Lay out a nice beat. Soon as I touch the paper it's a masterpiece. And the peas I'ma serve it. The day that I ran over their style, yo I did it on purpose, They ain't gonna serve us, We could do it in each verse without a curse, just like church service. They ain't gonna merk us. We like a circus. Mad variety, killing their whole society. ~ (Chorus) Beats are for my people (Yup), My People. These are for my people (Now) For my people.
- Komakozie & The TimeZoo Keeper - Universal, Universal, Universal, Universal jungle love. ~ - Komakozie - What's the flavor? What's the color? What's the texture? What's the measure? The protector of, Drastic measures, Love protector of, Metu Neter. Girl whenever, We together, I would like to, Lick your nectar, Just to get to your nutrients. ~ - Jahso The Time-Zoo Keeper - Nutrients, newly spent on your body, Why are we hesitating? But you don’t know what’s in store, When you get down low and personal. You’ll feel it’s Universal, No practice and no rehearsal. You will only get the real thing, With me. - Universal, Universal, Universal, Universal jungle love. ~ - Jahso The Time-Zoo Keeper - Since we dropped them beats on the pavement, Everybody’s wondering where the people making waves went. Window tint, money spent, girls bent all the while, While them Southern boys make their ascent. Too dope, too mean, too fresh, too clean, Seen how to get the green, since I was a little jelly bean. Too obscene is my team, time to make a toast, Because the skills that we got spilling out are just gross. - Komakozie - Merkaba, now you entered, My mind state with a new persona. It's an honor, nobody’s on the same level, You’re your own author. Offer you soul to most High. Peace. Namaste. P-P-Prosper, Majestic Plain to the tempur-pedic Ultraviolet. Tetrahedron. Universal!
Mantra 04:11
- Komakozie - All about that mantra, It's all about that mantra, You know about that mantra, It's all about that mantra, All about your mantra, It's all about your mantra, All about that mantra, It's all about that mantra, Well, if ya high vibrated and your eyes dilated, And you’re feeling good, if you're feeling good then, You gots to do it, if ya don’t do it then ya, Lol. ~ - Corinne - Hello. Goodbye. Get low. Get high. Triangle glasses, vanilla skys. Taking off that mask, No more disguise. What do you see? I got diamonds for eyes, The microphone's my mouth, I got speakers for ears, I got love for all my peers, Who be puffing on that herb. I ain't gotta even say one word, I ain't gotta even kill no birds. I'ma get what I deserve, Full course meal and a little desert, Sour diesel, kush, and a little purppp. The green is what I preferrer, The rhyming is so superb. So absurd, I just observe. ~ - Komakozie - Well, if ya high vibrated and your eyes dilated, And you’re feeling good, if you're feeling good then, You gots to do it, if ya don’t do it then ya, Lol. ~ Positivity, you gotta give it to receive, Vibe until the beat sinks in, let it be. In my memory the Butterfly Pepper Seed, Space out, let it breath. As I’m chilling in the building with my people building, Character that's a profound feeling like Sound Healing. I found reason in being a human being, And seeing the human reason, cause that's what I believe in. ~ Well, if ya high vibrated and your eyes dilated, And you’re feeling good, if you're feeling good then, You gots to do it, if ya don’t do it then ya, Lol. “All about that Mantra” Put ya hands up! Lol Well, if ya high vibrated and your eyes dilated, And you’re feeling good, if you're feeling good then, You gots to do it, if ya don’t do it then ya, Lol. ~ Inebriated, vocal abbreviated, Thinking no nonsense information God sent. Feeling like a skyscraper, clouds hitting my face, Y Diz up in the place, who's breaking the cake? We slave for days and blaze for days it's great, Then blaze the page to bless the stage it's fate. I'm feeling like a megatron multi powered megaman, Creating planets, fortresses, never-lands. If I don't stop the voyage I might never land, But ain't nothing better than. Cause music is my medicine. Energy. Relevance.


released June 1, 2014


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Telekinetic Walrus Miami, Florida

Telekinetic Walrus brings more to the stage than a mind-altering, bass-heavy, bone-shaking performance. They open the door to another universe where a music-recording Primordial Walrus with glistening tusks defends the Grand Creator from evil. In fantastical costumes with psychedelic visuals, their funky fusion melts over the audience, the lyrics uplift, and vibes unify. ... more

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