Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions

by Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions



released September 2, 2010



all rights reserved


Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions Miami, Florida

Formed in Miami in 2009, Telekinetic Walrus presents listeners with a world of Funky, Psychedelic, Hip Hop infused Bass Music. Telekinetic Walrus focuses daily on spreading their music and positive vibes to a worldwide audience, while continuing to produce live performances and events, that unify people through community-building collaborations and active peace. ... more

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Track Name: Odobenidae
You're never knowing again
You turn your mind of growing ever older when
You've no idea what to do
So instead of overcoming it you've got it coming over you.
I don't want to make you feel
Like everything around you melts away and you don't know what’s real.
But I’ve got to let you know,
That the forces that be would like you and me to not see tomorrow.
You know it can't be good to give
your soul away so start to live.
It's hard to say what makes us move
but that doesn't matter just ride the groove
So we must overcome
before this war has all begun.
There's no more time for placing blame
you know inside we're all the same.
Track Name: Journey
Anybody who walks with me
Will see that I’m on a journey.
Walked many miles made many, many friends,
None have yet, met the journey’s end.
But, I know, one day,
I will rise into the sky,
But past the clouds,
Going infinitely high.
Track Name: Bioluminescence in a Whale
Your corporation’s caused too much frustration.
Now I’ma have to send ya on a permanent vacation
Whose side do you claim?
You’ll be slain in plain sight,
I might ‘cause it looks like
It’d be a quick fight.
What a delight to see,
From bioluminescent whales,
To the tallest tree,
You’re full of lies for all to buy, but you can see
By the look in my eye, my people don’t want die.
Diving down deep to the darkest depths,
I kept my deck in check from any possible threat.
But, I see a glow coming up from below,
It’s a bioluminescent whale. Didn’t ya’ know?
Bioluminescence in a whale.
Track Name: Monocle
I’ve got a monocle of the greater space and time.
Why focus on the fears that be before you?
Instead you should focus on the rhyme.
Some would like to get my monocle, try’n use it for a crime.
No success in that category, you see, it derives naturally,
From the sublime and that’s where I broadcast me.
So, I’ve got my monocle. Floating on a giant comet’s where I reside.
And I hollowed out the inside so if aliens attack I can put on
A full out guerrilla resistance ‘cause there’s plenty of places where I can hide.
I’m floating through time,
I’m moving through space.
Track Name: From the City
I’m from the city where the people never ever sleep.
I hold a schedule that you could never ever sleep.
I see the sunrise more than it sets.
I keep it moving, always planning for the next step.
So don’t you try to see the sun,
Cause it won’t give you now fun.
Only the moon can guide your way,
So you can say you slay the day.
Moving through the cityscape,
Like a rat in a maze,
you stuck like a rabbit in a cage,
and you act like you in a play.
Everyday is a money chase,
But it’s all a mirage.
I’m from the place
Where the wild things are,
Straight from the cosmos,
You know I’m a star
Instead of going home,
I’m a go hard,
Explicit like rated R.
Track Name: Greatest High
When I’m in this state I feel so interconnected to the world,
That at the slightest thought, I could just cry.
When I’m in your arms I could keep loving you girl,
Until I shrivel up and die.
And by and by this is the best high you could ever find,
You ask why, but you know how, you’re living it now.
Don’t ever guess again.
This is we. We are now. We are riding on the clouds.
And you’re wondering how. I live by the smiles.
Live by the frowns. What ever it is, I’m thinking’ big.
I’m fly like pigs, if they could fly. I’m too fly.
No body will free you for free.
That’s how it seems to be for me.
I don’t know how to transcend,
Have to make amends and
Force my perception to bend
And how many times will I dine,
On those who try to rule me?
You can’t fool me, eventually
I’ll be too big for you to duel me.
So all you hating-ass bitch motherfuckers stand down.
I create my own world and live in my own town.
Track Name: Forward
I should have let you know,
Before it got this old,
That it’s my time to go.
So, reinvent your soul.
I’ve got to go, this place is not for me.
I’ve got too many things to do and see.
But I must say, I’ve got some words for you,
Do only what you feels the right thing to do,
Too many times I’ve seen you slipping
Put your faith back in your self for gripping.
Trust your instincts. Lead yourself.
Stand up, believe in something, or else.
Forward, forward, I’ve got to keep moving forward.
On and on into the infinite possibilities of individual insight.
And I might not be the right combination for you
But I choose not to give in to frustrations and you can, too.
Track Name: Bassoon Wake n Bake
Touch my soul with the tops of my shoes, inverse inside out, how ‘bout you?
Strike a pose like chord; sure it’s more forward than the spores of a new world without you.
Give me a break wake ‘n bake, make ya booty shake.
Give me a break wake ‘n bake, make ya booty shake.
Give me a break wake ‘n bake, make ya booty shake.
Give me a break wake ‘n bake, make ya booty shake.
Track Name: Iguanas in a Pool
Standing in line wearing a sign,
Doesn’t it remind you to,
Be who you are, no matter the charge,
Don’t let them control you.
Headin’ through your circulatory system and your veins,
Spreadin’ like a virus til it penetrates your brain.
And you’re cool with it, ya you’re cool with it.
Wouldn’t have any other way with it.
But that’s ok I’ll send you my complements anyway.
‘Cause you’re so dedicated to everything you say,
Is cool, but I’m no fool so I won’t fall ,
In your trap, like iguanas in a pool.
Track Name: Pet Bald Eagle
Hey girl I got a pet bald eagle, do you wanna see him fly?
He’s good at spotting prey, 35 millimeter eye.
I don’t like your pet porcupine,
He makes my bald eagle bleed.
A case of beet and a razor blade,
Baby that’s all we need.
I met your friend, she had a very strange pet,
The head of Mr. Clean.
But I could straight up get down on that ,
Shit was glazed like krispy kreme.
So I got a baker’s dozen, I gobbled it down,
I left there with an upside down frown,
Crossed the town, delivering sound,
And I spread my seed around.
Ungh, Im ‘bout to hit this L M, N, O, P, Q,
I’m ‘bout to his this, yeah.
I’m bout to hit this L, M, N, O,
I’m bout to hit this, yeah.
I’m gonna spread my seed all over you face.
I’m gonna grow some trees all over the place.
Track Name: Real Fresh (Telekinetic Zone)
Chillin’ in the telekinetic zone.
Chillin’ and I’m telekinetic prone.
Never stopping, vessels poppin’
Cream of the crop ‘n shoobie doo woppin’
Jaws droppin, flippin’ and floppin’
But never be sloppin’, I’m keepin’ heads bobbin’
Bouncin’ bass, beatin’ ya face,
Just incase, I brought some mace.
A spicy tastes sets a frantic pace,
So make haste and start the race
Before this place gets invasive where you live,
Think about how you wanna give
Before your time’s did, done, run out
And rideedillidee, tryna return to eternity.
Turn around drop down you’re lookin’ real fresh.
Track Name: Don't Give Up
Never again will I leave you here,
Frozen cold, feeling near,
To the place you never wanna be,
And take it from me, I’ve been too deep.
Through the pages of a book, take a look,
Learned to hook from that master cook,
3000, hours of practice it took.
But, complete, it’s worth getting shook.
So don’t give up ya’ll. Don’t give up ya’ll
Don’t give up naw. Don’t give up naw.
Track Name: Keemple Dreams
I will meet you in your dreams,
The only place that ever seems,
So real, reveal just how you feel,
Forget the world, now what’s the deal?
With your head? With what you said?
What have you read? Where am I, dead?
I don’t know how to relate,
But I’m just feeling so damn great.
Wipe the slate clean of your fate,
Fly to the stars, sight starts to fade,
Inconspicuously, in the memory
A galaxy controlled by me.
Everything I wanna bring to life is real.
Everything I wanna experience I can feel.
Speeding moving faster
than your mind can comprehend.
Time will bend to your wind
‘Cause it’s faster than they mend
The Space, the race is done
Before it even started,
Making moves faster than light,
Through the uncharted.
Don’t you know that no limits can hold you back here.
When you’re deep in dreaming you can feel your mind clear.
Photons moving in slow-mo,
I bet that something that you never seen before.
Traveling as far as light’s ever been,
Into the unknown’s where your journey begins.
Track Name: Dinosaurs of Jabimblemu
Who’s there for you to go running to?
I know that you have no clue.
So, what’ll you do when they come for you?
The dinosaurs of jabimblemu.
They were never quite fossilized,
When the meteor struck they felt a loss inside,
For their dinosaur brethren,
And now they’ve come for their revenge.

Frozen for centuries,
And now they’re here for me,
You must surrender,
Soon, none will remember.